Size 18 for real

When I started this weight loss journey I was a size 22 and they were starting to feel tight.Things didn’t fit me quite right. The last couple weeks I found an old pair of 18 wide jeans that I fit into and I was freaking out excited! But I was still thinking that real 18 wouldn’t fit. Well this morning I found these dress pants that are for real size 18! And dress pants don’t ever fit me quite right but what do you think? This morning I weight in at 230.8! I remember when I was 278 laying in bed wishing I could just get down to 230, I would be happy with myself. I’m here baby.. I’m happy but not done! PS I was a size 12 when I got married.:) Also since running I feel like I can see that I run on my face. Is that weird? I “look like a person who runs”? Wahoo


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Another new for me!!

Just got back from this run and I feel like superwoman!! A whole minute off my mile (12 min and 40 sec.) and I added another lap around the park! I also worked out this morning on the elliptical for 50 minutes. Right now I am feeling so good. I accomplished so many things and still fit in my fitness. I was also in a fantastic mood almost all day! Yesterday I felt like I was dragging but as crappy as I felt then I feel amazing! I also did a couple weights exercises for my chest and stayed in my 1365 calories for the day! Wahoo!!! 5k here I come!

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Before and After 2

Before 278 After 233









I know I have lots to go but so far so good!

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Before and After So far!

I didnt save the 45 pin that fitbit sent me but I wanted to post a before and after so far.

Left side 278 Right side 240

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Climbing on up!

I have added yet another goal to my fitness plan and that is stairs. My mother in law was told that if you do over 300 stairs it is supposed to increase your stamina and endurance. There is a very big set of stairs near her house. I plan to hike those bad boys every Sunday. There are 78 stairs total each set. First time I did it 5 times and this last weekend I did it 7 times!! Thats a total of 546 stairs!!! My legs were jello!

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Just the beginning!

Ran for the first time in years!! (April 20, 2016) I ran a whole mile in 13:40 seconds. Without stopping! I also ran April 22 and the 24th about the same pace!

I have been using my elliptical to get me this far. I started out working out for as long as I could, about 45 min every other day. Now I workout on it for at least an hour with lots of resistance. Plus doing sit ups, push ups and stretches.


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Down 45 pounds!

This morning when I weight myself my fitbit informed me that I have lost a total of 45 pounds! In August of 2015 I weighed 278 pounds. I am 5 foot 10 inches. When I married my husband in 2008 I weighed 175. Thats over 100 pounds that I gained!!! Crazy right? Two more kids and a broken ankle and job changes over the last 7 years I let myself go crazy with my weight. Not really caring about it. Until I decided that I was not happy with myself.

This morning I weighed 233.0. I still have over 58 pounds to go just to reach my previous weight but its a pretty good start. My husband bought me a couple of items to get me started. I bought an elliptical for my home since we live in Utah and it gets really cold, and a fitbit. Now I have the fitbit blaze and I love it, but I started with the fitbit HR. I also have the scale aria that connects up to fitbit. I swear by this piece of tech. It tell me how many calories I burn, so I can know if I  can eat more.

I also use my fitness pal to count every calorie that goes in my mouth. I still drink diet coke, and I love ice cream but I buy the diet kind so its not as many calories.

Last week I signed myself up for a 5K. When I married my husband I ran 7 miles almost everyday. I have never ran in a race before. I turn 30 this year and I decided this was something I wanted to do. Now that I’m not as heavy I have started running. I am going to keep this blog up as record from now on to watch myself shrink physically, and grow emotionally.

The following are pictures of me at my heaviest in Aug of 2015


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